What Are We?

Potted Meet Mission Statement: We cultivate community and create a comfortable networking environment for any demographic as well as a platform for local talent to promote their artistic work and/or process in a live rehearsal setting.

This is not a show. This is the Process.    At Potted Meet we want people to feel comfortable showing up as they are; anybody is welcome at our events.  The ‘live rehearsal setting’ is an idea where attendees and artists alike are encouraged to mingle, laugh, eat, drink, and be merry.  We strive to help local artists promote and market their work and own unique artistic process.  Our events are an open networking environment where artists are able experiment in front of an audience and get live, real-time feedback.

Every second Monday of the Month at 7:00pm, Elsie’s Restaurant and Bowling Center in N.E. Minneapolis has opened its doors to Potted Meet by partnering with us to create an atmosphere unlike most others.  Here you see live improvised music, various styles of artwork in both a gallery and live setting, new compositions being rehearsed for the first time, clog dancing, and so, so much more. . . 

Each meeting will bring new projects and ideas to the table.  Improvestra, an improv-based orchestra dependent upon hand signals from a conductor, will begin and end each event.  With that we bring in new featured musical guests each month and arrange their music for  a 15 – 30 piece chamber orchestra.  We also work to have 3 featured visual artists at each event and strive to keep our list as interesting as possible.  Know of any cool, interesting or unique local talent just screaming for attention?  New artists are always welcome!  Get in touch with us at: pottedmeetmondays@gmail.com. 

We hope to see you at our next event!

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