Thank you to all who attended, performed, and enjoyed themselves at Potted Meet yesterday! If we did not meet our 100-attendee goal, we were pretty dang close.

A huge thank you to Jay Fuchs, Jacy Pelstring, Kate Moore, Inna Royzenfeld, Tomer Zadaka, and the entire Improvestra orchestra for putting on such amazing performances. You are all truly talented and we are grateful that you gave your time to be there.

To the Coffee Shop Northeast, a massive thank you for donating $20 to our monthly give-a-way. We could not give out these fun prizes without local donations from organizations around the Twin Cities.

To our attendees… WE LOVE YOU ALL! Not only did you come support yet another fun-filled gathering, you helped us collect more donations for Leonardo’s Basement. If you all thought June’s Potted Meet was fun, you will definitely want to be at July’s!

Next month brings new artists, a new donation drive, and new raffle prizes. Come join us on July 14th, from 7:00pm-10:00pm at Elsie’s in Northeast.

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