Potted Meet Mondays turns 1 year old! Celebrate with us

Monday the 8th, at Elsie’s in Northeast from 7pm-10pm.

Be a part of the process, witness the process, just be.

Tis the season for the reason to get together. Also, turning 1 is a pretty big deal. So, you are officially invited to – get together. Wear an ugly sweater, if you wish, the best one may get a prize, (but really let’s be honest, we know you love wearing your ugly sweaters – so here is your chance.)

Featuring some very talented artist including:

Improvestra! Composed by our very own Adam Conrad

Bear & The BarrelDon’t touch that dial! We are just getting started here at the “Bear & the Barrel” studio. Where else can you find a variety show with live music from guest bands and local films, all accompanied by a house orchestra? I’ll tell you where – in your very own backyard, then down the street, take your second left and 100 more paces, and you’re right where show business lives. Come join us, and get lost in the magical world that is prime television programming. It’ll be a hoot!The show started with an idea and grew into a wonderful event for the whole family. With a wonderful team and the support of the Old Arizona Theatre, The show has been able to grow and evolve every episode in front of a live audience.


Batb 4   Ben Kelly
Benjamin Kelly has worked as a professional musician for 8 years. Graduated from McNally Smith College of Music with a BM in bass performance. He started working on larger projects with his first film score for Shiny Thunders film “My milton.” Bear & the Barrel is Benjamin’s vision following his love for Prairie Home Companion and Laurence Welk.


IMG_7287  Ezra Bartsch

Ezra Bartsch is a writer based in the Twin Cities. Growing up in Hortonville, Wisconsin, Ezra moved to Saint Paul to study Composition at McNally Smith College of Music. He is now finishing his degree at Minneapolis Community Technical College with a combined area of study of musical theater. He cares most for quality of craft, positivity, and personal and societal growth. He achieves these in writing lyrics, scripts, and his business, Brother Puppet (www.brotherpuppet.com) in which he builds custom, Muppet-style puppets. His most recent work, both writing and puppet-building, has been done for local theater production, Bear & the Barrel(www.bearandthebarrel.com).


BrianJust  Brian Just

Brian has been writing, studying and performing music since his uncle bought him a Fender Squire Bullet at the age of 11. Over the years he has formed several bands. Most recently his project Brian Just Band, a Baroque Folk/Rock group has been gaining success in and around the Minneapolis area. Brian’s songs have been featured on the Choo Choo Bob Show 2012, the World Folk Collection (2009), 89.3 the Current Local Live Album 2012, his song Duluth was featured in the documentary Raising Sparrows (2010) and his song Electric was featured on the Netflix original Television show Hemlock Grove (2014). Brian currently teaches guitar lessons at The Music Lab and song writing at the Loft Literary Center. Take a listen and learn more about his projects at: brianjust.com

Come to Elsie’s Bowling Center in the beautiful NE Mpls for great drinks, tasty food and live music, live art, living people. Oh, hey invite a buddy – or not. Just come, hang out, okay?

Have kids? Bring them with – inspiring for all ages.

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