Below are testimonials from some of our Potted Meet artists and attendees.  If you don’t believe our rants about how great Potted Meet is, just listen to some of these fine folks here:


“I had heard of this hang. Not a show, not a meeting, but a performance in social theatre; an improvisation of art and a gathering of like minds. Taking place at a Northeast Minneapolis landmark of leisure, Potted Meet Mondays at Elsie’s Bowling Lounge is as comfortable as ten frames with old friends. For individuals in the Minneapolis arts community, this is the much-needed excuse to create with friends and colleagues in a casual setting. My first experience with Potted Meet Monday treated me to a performance by drummer Arthur “L.A.” Buckner – one of my favorite drummers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to and watching. He sat in with the Coffee Pot Orchestra as if he’d been playing percussion with conductor Adam Conrad his entire life. The sensation of watching talented artists experience together the process of raw creation is unrivaled in the rest of the performing world. On this particular Monday, individuals were asked to bring books along, as they were being accepted for the charitable “Books For Africa.” With a good cause at the center of this evening’s activities, it seemed that Potted Meet Monday had exceeded the requirements of a worthwhile evening. I’m appreciative that something like this exists in Minneapolis, and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it.”

-Jamie Quinn of Sexy Delicious, vocals and guitar 


“My name is Benjamin Kelly and I am a bass player/producer. I have a close relationship with most of the people involved with Potted Meet. I love the environment and I love the connections that are made both musically and socially. The most important thing for any creative mind is a safe lace to discover sound/friends/and inspiration. The welcoming community is a great example of what makes the Twin Cities a creative hub for people all over. I am excited to see Potted Meet grow and touch more artists lives.”

-Benjamin Kelly, local Twin Cities artist


“Potted Meet is one of coolest ideas I’ve ever heard of and it’s at one of my favorite places, Elsie’s in NE Minneapolis. I was honored to be a part of the 2nd “Meet”-ing as a live digital artist. The entire night was oozing with creativity and people connecting. The people in attendance was everything you’d expect from NordEast, from moustachioed hipsters in plaid shirts and women in huge scarfs to what you might not expect, sharp dressed classically trained musicians, $15 dollar scotch, and babies. I intend on participating in or attending every Potted Meet.”    

 Aaron Woods of Wouldsdesign.com



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